New single ‘Numbers’ from Victoria Hume

London singer-songwriter Victoria Hume releases her stunning new single, Numbers, on October 8 – an ode to breaking free from compulsive behaviour, complete with an understated melody, minimal instrumentals and a hypnotic Imogen Heap-esque vocal. “It’s about getting trapped in a loop of repetitive actions,” says Victoria. “Out of an irrational belief that this will prevent or undo disasters; and then about the occasional moments of clarity that come when you give up control.”

Born in Brighton and raised in Dorset, Victoria had an unusual upbringing, attending an all-boys school for three years (Victoria “It was mildly shocking to discover the different gender politics of a proper mixed school later on”). She studied English at Oxford, before moving to London twelve years ago, where she’s been living, writing and performing music ever since.

She released her debut album Limbs & Digits in 2009, featuring Quinta on saw and viola (Bat for Lashes, Phil Selway) with the follow up, Landing coming in January of this year. Landing, which took three years to make, is a mixture of studio recordings from the Garden studio in Shoreditch and music made in her home studio in East London – a subtle and elegant collection which Victoria says is “half romanticism, half ambiguity.”  Released quietly on her own label, the album still managed to win acclaim, whilst lead track Sorry was noticed by BBC 6’s Lauren Laverne, who championed the album calling it “really beautiful stuff.”

Early influences include poets like Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson, who continue to inspire her today, cementing a faith in what she calls a “kind of inner visual landscape” that guides most of her songwriting. Having played everywhere from South Africa and Australia to America and Canada, Victoria is busy planning a full UK Tour, with her next show confirmed at the Gladstone, Lant Street, Borough – 7.30pm on Sunday 14th October. Free entry.

Photo by Tim Wainwright.


New video from Pat Dam Smyth

Irish musician Pat Dam Smyth has just released his new video for ‘Friends’, the first single from his debut album ‘The Great Divide’.


‘Friends’ is released on October 29 on Monumental Music Group.

Moya releases new single ‘Making Me Fall’ out September 3

On 3rd September, Brighton singer Moya releases ‘Making Me Fall’, the standout track from her acclaimed debut album ‘Lost and Found’, out now on Four To One Records.


Concerning the pursuit of the perfect man, ‘Making Me Fall’ is a superior string-laden slice of intelligent pop. Its classic-sounding piano-led chorus and Moya’s euphoric vocals are layered with those of London singer Neil Thomas, a friend of producer David Blair-Oliphant, to allow the song to build into a soaring, addictive climax. “The male vocal really gives it an extra something,” says 21-year old Moya. “I like to think it reflects the connection you can have with someone you love.”

The stylish video, filmed by Dominic O’Riordan for Asylum Films (Lethal Bizzle, Ida Maria and Hadouken) shows Moya searching the East London streets for her elusive admirer, interspersed with a live performance recorded at the famous Shacklewell Arms.

Moya’s debut album ‘Lost & Found’, is out now. An eclectic collection of accomplished soul-pop featuring the ‘beautiful and slightly sinister’ title track ‘Lost and Found’, as well as the soulful ‘Technicolour,’  stunning ballad ‘Walk Away’ and previous single, ‘Telling Tales,’ an understated groove about finding and following your own path. Alongside releasing her debut album, Moya’s been busy making her festival debut at Meadowlands Festival, followed by a slot at Beach Break Live, with more shows confirmed throughout the summer.

Moya’s upcoming single ‘Lost & Found’ out June 18

21 year-old singer-songwriter, Moya, will be releasing her new single Lost & Found on June 18th, co-written Never Mind The Buzzcocks‘ David Blair-Oliphant (primary theme tune composer) . This single is taken off her anticipated debut album, out July 2nd on Four To One Records.

Moya reveals that “this song teeters between being beautiful and slightly warped. It has quite a sinister feel to it but if you listen to the lyrics, it’s actually quite up-lifting.” With Asylum Films behind the camera, who also produced videos for Lethal Bizzle, Ida Maria and Hadouken, ‘Lost & Found’ is perfectly backgrounded by a  beautifully forlorn video, filmed on a bleak industrial estate in Essex.

This video juxtaposes the sunny promo for last year’s ‘Telling Tales,’ which wowed Youtube and The Box regulars with its astonishingly accomplished underwater scenes and also hijacked regional radio stations across the country. Moya is definitely a colourful musician as she strives to make each record unique and distinct. “I didn’t want to be labelled as a typical pop artist,” explains Moya on the single choice. “Obviously pop is kind of what we’re doing but there is definitely originality in this track that sets us apart.” This attitude is mirrored in her live performances as she dances between a combination of acoustic and full band shows. Her debut album, also titled ‘Lost & Found,’ is an eclectic collection of accomplished soul-pop which is out July 2nd.

Live  Dates This Summer:

May 22nd – The Bedford

June 3rd – Meadowlands Festival

June 6th – The Camden Head

June 15th – Beach Break Live

Take a look at Moya’s awe-inspiring cover of the Primal Scream classic, ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ and more at

Watch Bohemian. Buy it. See Joel Live

Oooh, it’s all go today for our favourite Oz progeny Joel Sarakula.

To celebrate the release of his debut single today, JOEL SARAKULA PLAYS HIS DEBUT LONDON SHOW AT BULL & GATE IN KENTISH TOWN TONIGHT (JULY 4). Oops, we’re shouting…anyway he’s onstage 9pm – email us for guestlist if you fancy checking him out.

Joel was recently tipped in music industry bible Record Of The Day .

Read about him in more detail here, and don’t forget to download the track from today, July 4, on iTunes or some such blahdiblah.

Introducing Joel Sarakula

Meet the new boy at EMMS HQ. No, he’s not making tea (although we’re sure it’s not beyond his skillset). He is, however, recording some very nice songs and his name is JOEL SARAKULA, an Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who releases his debut UK single, ‘Bohemian,’ through Art Parade Records on July 4.

‘Bohemian’ (click to listen) is a rootsy blend of late 60s/early 70s folk pop, with very playful lyrics – and a killer chorus, which builds slowly with the repetition of a simple couplet, ‘Because I am a Bohemian/ A modern Stone Age man’ into a sing-it-from-the-terraces anthem.

“I wanted it to start intimately,” says Joel, “like I’m in your living room, and then it grows into something much bigger. I roped in a bunch of friends to sing the chorus – and guess what, after a few bottles of wine they got really into it!”

And is Mr Sarakula one of these, um, ‘bohemians’? “OK, so the song’s intentionally clichéd,” says Joel, with a laugh, “if that’s not too controversial a thing to say. I’d just watched a documentary about Picasso, which got me thinking about the life of an artist, and being creative generally – and then I thought of all the wannabes out there, and the hook just popped into my head.”

Worth a listen too, of course, is live favourite and b-side ‘Present Tense,’ a reflective offering about transience and the passing of time; it’s what Joel cheekily calls his “old man’s song.”


Live, this one’s a boy wonder. He’s already rammed the likes of The Old Queen’s Head, Torriano, Troubadour and the North London Tavern, and don’t miss an absolute flurry of upcoming London dates (plenty more TBA). “I’m not someone who just sits there and stares down at the keys,” he says. “I like to communicate with my audience, so they can be a bit interactive – but don’t be scared. All I’ll say is that Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Physical’ is a bit of a crowd-pleaser…” Eeek.

You want more history, missus? Well, 28 year old Joel has been obsessed with music for as long as he can remember. Classically trained on the piano, self-taught on guitar, he fronted his first band at 17, before pursuing a solo career with debut album ‘Mystery Morning.’ Over the next few years he built a name for himself on the international piano bar circuit: “I’m the human jukebox of pop,” he says, wryly. A prolific chap, he found time to record two more Australian-only albums – ‘Souvenirs’ released in 2008 and ‘City Heart’ in 2009, the latter which received airplay on Australian national broadcaster Triple J, as well as community stations. Since ‘City Heart’, however, Joel has put everything into crafting ‘Bohemian’ and its forthcoming parent album. “The music I’m making now is the most natural fit for me”, he says. “I’ve kind of let go a little, and stripped back all the production. With ‘Bohemian’ there’s no pretence, and I really like that.”