Keston Cobblers Club New Album out June 15



We’re really excited to be working with Keston Cobblers Club and their lovely new album, out on June 15.

Things are going from strength to strength for the band, who are currently playlisted on BBC 6 Music.

If you haven’t checked out their new video take a look:

Triggered by teenage obsessions with British power pop and Glaswegian indie dreamers, the stunning 12-track collection, entitled Wildfire, is a sonic journey of sounds, building on the band’s bedrock of urgent anthems, thumped drums, sweet strums and tuba, as seen on 2012’s debut album ‘One, For Words.’ Developing their sound, the band have fused their folk based roots with 90s synth hooks, huge orchestral waves and choral arrangements which they describe as “a blanket of voices.”

“We wouldn’t call it a huge change in direction,” says lead female Julia. “More an evolution. There’s a signature Cobbler’s recipe that we’ll always follow. That’s strong vocal harmonies, powerful drums, and hooky melodies and these are all still here. But the instrumentation has grown, that’s the biggest difference. Anyone that already knows our music will still be able to hear that Cobblers sound.”

Since forming in 2009, Keston Cobblers Club have played some of the UK’s biggest festivals, sold out their own headline tours, and been invited to perform live on BBC Radio by the likes of Dermot O’Leary, Steve Lamacq and Bob Harris.

Beyond the album release they’re already booked to play numerous major summer festivals, there’s two more singles already chosen, and they’re currently planning a full UK headline tour for the Autumn, followed by their second European headline tour, plus there’s even talk on starting album number three… | | |


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