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Previous praise:

She has the power, clarity and precision of an opera diva” 4*s The Guardian

Gabby Young is distinctive” MOJO

A sense of a second-hand jumble worked up into something vital and new is matched in the tapestry of their sound.” THE SUNDAY TIMES

On the 28th April 2014, the exquisite Gabby Young & Other Animals return, with their anticipated third album, ‘One Foot In Front of The Other’ out on Gift of the Gab Records.

One Foot In Front of the Other’ still covers the musical styles her fans will be accustomed to, and like her previous two albums, continues to defy labels, effortlessly moving between moments of jazz, opera, folk and cabaret. However, the production has never sounded better – overflowing with lush instrumentation it feels like her most polished work to date, thanks to stellar production by fellow Animal Stephen Ellis, engineered by Dave Moore (The Laurel Collective/ Empirical) Jake Gordon (Naughty Boy/Professor Green).

The songs are very personal. There are some things I’m singing about here I wouldn’t talk about to my closest friends, which I know is silly, as I’m telling everyone…’

There are too many highlights, including the haunting seascape ‘Another Ship,’ an epic lament on longing to go home – featuring keys from Bill Laurence (from 2014 Grammy winning band Snarky Puppy). Then there’s the perfect love song ‘Saviour’ written with and about partner and producer, Stephen Ellis, followed by the ever pretty ‘Smile,’ showcasing Gabby’s continually impressive vocal range over ukulele, toy piano and muted drums, a song she’s confident sums up her whole goal in life. ‘I want to make everyone smile, it’s the main reason I write songs and perform, so this is a pinnacle song for me.’

I never want to write purely sad music,’ says Gabby. ‘All my songs have to have hope in them. With this album I’d written the majority and realised it was mainly downbeat. But I always strive for the right amount of light and shade, so I worked on adding more upbeat songs.’

So fear not, the ‘circus swing’ (Clive Anderson BBC Radio 2) moments are still here, with the Animal’s brass section still being put through their paces. There’s the infectious ‘I’ve Improved,’ the vibrant first single out 24 February, written after a moment of enlightenment on the band’s Middle Eastern tour, plus tracks like the Balkan-flavoured ‘Time’ and ‘The Devil Has Moved In’ both complete with wild trumpets, keys and percussion aplomb.

One Foot In Front of The Other’ is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2012 album, ‘The Band Called Out For More.’ This saw Gabby featured everywhere from The Metro and The Independent, to a page interview and 4-star review in The Sun’s Something For The Weekend, with further 4-star reviews in the likes of The Guardian, FT and Mirror. The band’s first album, ‘We’re All In This Together’ was equally as lauded. On its release in 2010 it won over most of the UK’s major newspapers, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times and the Evening Standard.

I just really hope our fans will connect with it in the same way. The ones that have got to know us since the beginning, and have supported us throughout, they’re the ones we really want to reach.’


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