New Music Thursday 01.08.13

A new month brings a whole new set of music. So here are some tracks that we just can’t stop playing.

1. Haim – The Wire

A live favourite, Haim have dropped the studio version of their latest track. ‘The Wire’ proves that whether you dress them up or down, Haim know how to write a tune. We hope the debut album gets a release date soon!

2. Moya – Come & Get It

Emms’s very own client, Moya exploded back onto the scene with her latest single, “Come & Get It”. Describing the song, Moya says: “It’s soulful and laidback, but still packs a punch. “I wanted to write a song that matched the soulful parts of my voice and I think Come and Get It achieves that.” You can get this song from September 23rd.

3. The Orwells – Who Needs You

The Chicago garage-punks are at their sneering, bratty best on this Dave Sitek-produced first cut from their new EP. Snarling about pledging allegiance and joining the army over rampant and blistering guitar hooks.

4. Helene Greenwood – In The Sunshine

Another “Emms” friend, Helene is a London based singer/songwriter. With a haunting vocal and a surprising melody, ‘In The Sunshine’ is like a hazy summer daydream. Greenwood teamed up with artist Rebecca Lennon to create a gently unsettling video, with the heat of a scorching day on Hampstead Heath.




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