New Music Thursday – 18.04.13

Week 3 of our round-up of songs we’ve been really enjoying the last 7 days.

1. Daft Punk – Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams)

So after the many weeks of fakes, remixes and so called “leaks”, it seems a final studio version of the new Daft Punk single has emerged. This tune combines the funky guitar of Nile Rodgers while the N.E.R.D. frontman provides vocals. The full album, “Random Access Memories” comes out 17th May.

2. Empire Of The Sun – Alive

On “Alive,” Empire of the Sun have adopted a bit of the Greg Kurstin model of synths found in the bombastically wonderful latest album by Tegan and Sara, mixed in with some Ellie Goulding-esque tug-at-the-heart-strings production. It’s a future sound replete with sparkling electronic riffs and angelic bridges that swell the heart to gigantic proportions.

3. Yes Sir Boss – MRS#1 (feat. Joss Stone)

The latest single by Bristol based Yes Sir Boss is quite the stamper. Featuring guest vocals from label boss Joss Stone, this is a rousing summer anthem that is bound to get anybody up and dancing. The single is out 22nd April and you can catch Yes Sir Boss on their current UK Tour.

4. FOXES – Beauty Queen

London based singer Foxes returns with the anthemic single ‘Beauty Queen.’ Compared to the likes of Florence and The Machine, the young singer is set to make her own name in the industry when her debut album is released this fall.


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