Moya ‘A Little More Love’

CDFOURTO4PX-A Little More Love

Perfect listening and viewing for a Friday afternoon, Check out the killer new single from Moya:

‘It’s a bit of a transition for me,’ admits 21-year-old Moya. ‘There’s no doubt that I love everything I’ve recorded so far, but with this single I wanted to incorporate the kind of music that I listen to. I think it’s important to keep my sound current.’

Opening with Moya’s delicate vocals and a simple piano melody, ‘A Little More Love’ slowly builds into its tender chorus, before the pulsing synths and shuffling beats kick in, heavy enough at times to sound like it’s about to break into full-on dance territory. ‘You think it’s going to go somewhere it doesn’t,’ says Moya. ‘But that’s what I like about it.’

The song itself is about the effect of fame on a relationship, but with a much wider message in the song’s chorus – echoed in this powerful accompanying video, featuring footage of the homeless shot across London and Manchester. ‘The main sentiment is money doesn’t make you a better person.  What people need more than anything is love, respect and attention, and all the money in the world can’t replace that.’

‘A Little More Love’ is produced and co-written with David Blair-Oliphant, the producer behind Moya’s biggest hit to date ‘Making Me Fall.’ Taking the airwaves by storm in October, the single spent 3 weeks on the BBC Radio 2 A-List, with interviews and countless plays across the station, including The Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show and Ken Bruce. Fearne Cotton loved the single, featuring it on her Radio 1 show and even Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton was won over, branding Moya ‘the female Bruno Mars.’

She’s already been featured everywhere from the Daily Mirror, Daily Star and Reveal Magazine and with fashion shoots in More Magazine and Bliss, the ‘Making Me Fall’ video has since rocketed to over 337, 168 views on YouTube, a number Moya still can’t quite get her head round.  ‘These past few months have been pretty amazing,’ says Moya. ‘But now it’s about stepping up and giving it even more. I’m really excited about what this year could bring.’

A Little More Love is out March 25.



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