New single ‘Jerusalem’ from Helen Boulding

Acclaimed Sheffield-born singer-songwriter Helen Boulding returns with her stunning new single, ‘Jerusalem’ on October 29th.

Taken from her recent LP ‘Calling All Angels’ and referencing the title in its chorus, ‘Jerusalem’ isa hook-filled album highlight, whose majestic tempo belies its subject matter. ‘Some people can be so grumpy, for no real reason,’ says Helen. ‘Open your eyes and look at what we have. Or at least that’s what I say…’

‘Jerusalem’ also features in recent indie flick ‘Comes a Bright Day,’ the debut feature from director Simon Aboud, featuring Craig Roberts (Submarine) and Timothy Spall (Secrets & Lies) released earlier this summer. It’s just the latest in a long line of impressive soundtrack contributions from Helen, which includes ‘One Last Look Down’ used in the award-winning ‘Some Things That Stay’ and the title song for ‘Ashes & Sand’ written with composer Michael Price. She also performed live to picture with Sting’s guitarist Dominic Miller, with the track ‘Over the Rainbow’ for the Jerry Springer film.

The album ‘Calling All Angels’ is co-written with and produced by Pete Glenister (Alison Moyet, Kirsty MacColl) taking her trademark Joni Mitchell-influence vocal and throwing in influences like Bat For Lashes, Sneaker Pimps, Dubstar and the Cardigans to create a more synth-tinged sound. ‘Every song would stand up on piano and guitar,’ says Helen. ‘The difference between this and [the Youth-produced] first album is that here the production in some ways juxtaposes the classic songs, & somehow makes them particularly emotional & exciting.’

‘Calling All Angels’ is out now!


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