New single ‘Numbers’ from Victoria Hume

London singer-songwriter Victoria Hume releases her stunning new single, Numbers, on October 8 – an ode to breaking free from compulsive behaviour, complete with an understated melody, minimal instrumentals and a hypnotic Imogen Heap-esque vocal. “It’s about getting trapped in a loop of repetitive actions,” says Victoria. “Out of an irrational belief that this will prevent or undo disasters; and then about the occasional moments of clarity that come when you give up control.”

Born in Brighton and raised in Dorset, Victoria had an unusual upbringing, attending an all-boys school for three years (Victoria “It was mildly shocking to discover the different gender politics of a proper mixed school later on”). She studied English at Oxford, before moving to London twelve years ago, where she’s been living, writing and performing music ever since.

She released her debut album Limbs & Digits in 2009, featuring Quinta on saw and viola (Bat for Lashes, Phil Selway) with the follow up, Landing coming in January of this year. Landing, which took three years to make, is a mixture of studio recordings from the Garden studio in Shoreditch and music made in her home studio in East London – a subtle and elegant collection which Victoria says is “half romanticism, half ambiguity.”  Released quietly on her own label, the album still managed to win acclaim, whilst lead track Sorry was noticed by BBC 6’s Lauren Laverne, who championed the album calling it “really beautiful stuff.”

Early influences include poets like Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson, who continue to inspire her today, cementing a faith in what she calls a “kind of inner visual landscape” that guides most of her songwriting. Having played everywhere from South Africa and Australia to America and Canada, Victoria is busy planning a full UK Tour, with her next show confirmed at the Gladstone, Lant Street, Borough – 7.30pm on Sunday 14th October. Free entry.

Photo by Tim Wainwright.


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