Helen Boulding live at The Ballyhoo, W1

It’s rare that you get a glimpse of the people behind some of the biggest chart toppers, normally confined to the credits section of album sleeves. This isn’t the case with the notably talented Helen Boulding, responsible for hit songs from Alex Parks, Holly Valance and Joe McElderry.

Downstairs in Holborn’s newly refurbished Ballyhoo, we’re crammed in amongst cocktail drinkers, eagerly awaiting one of the music industry’s best kept secrets.

Ms Boulding emerges from the dressing room, eyes awash with glitter, and proceeds to the stage to sing highlights from her second album ‘Calling All Angels’. The slow, subdued ‘Be With Me’ and uplifting new single ‘The Innocents’ showcase Helen’s talent as a songwriter, as does the uplifting ‘Jerusalem’. Much like the title, there’s something endearingly sweet and hopeful, not just about the songs, but from Helen herself.

It’s not until Helen takes to the keyboard that you can really understand why she’s chosen to release the songs herself. There’s a maturity in her voice that you cannot find in reality TV upstarts. It’s this wealth of experience that she draws upon through her songs, creating something with real emotional depth that is, paradoxically, quite new and refreshing.

Words: Natalie Gardiner

For more on Helen including details of her new album, see here.


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