All Gone….Pete Tong App: Download it FREE now

So this one is pretty cool. And 100% FREE. If you’re pressed for time, this is what it does in a nutshell:

• The All Gone App gives the consumer a private virtual consultation from international DJ Pete Tong to help build up an incredible music collection

• An expert one-on-one recommendation service that starts by organising your music, finding the tracks you’re missing – and recommending tracks that complement your taste.

• Blend in more of your music using the slider control and find classic tracks you never knew you had, or keep up to date with the hot new tracks added every week.

• What you waiting for? Download it now

We advise watching the 2 minute clip above to get a clearer idea, or just read on for more info…

So the All Gone App does what, exactly? “It allows me to take a look through your record collection and pull out the tracks that I would play, then I find a few tracks you might be missing and build you a playlist.”

And then? “If you choose to buy the tracks I recommend, it’s as if I’ve put a compilation album together just for you. The app has a built in player so you can listen to all the playlists immediately.”

Anything else we should know? “It’s not only iPhone, there’s a desktop and Android version too. And the desktop version syncs with the mobile app and talks directly to an iPod in sending the playlists and tracks there.”

Once you’re up and running you can create as many personalised playlists as you want. Each will be tailored to your music. Each time you update your music the app will update so you’re always getting the latest recommendations as you grow your collection.

As well as the All Gone playlists, there is also a feature called ‘What Would Pete Play?’ where Pete picks a track from your collection and uses his experience to build a playlist around it. Move the cross fader to mix in more of your music to create your own compilation, with just a little bit of help from Pete.

Don’t miss out on the ‘This Week’ playlist either. Updated every week it’s a pick of the hottest tunes from Pete Tong’s dance floor and beyond, brought straight to you in the app.

While listening to any of the playlists you can ‘wish list’ the tracks you don’t own, so you never miss out on growing your music collection. In-app purchases of tracks are available on the desktop and android versions and coming soon to the Iphone version. In the meantime, for the best experience synchronise your accounts using the desktop application gain access to all your ‘wish listed’ tracks then send them to your iPod or IPhone directly from the app.

Sample All Gone screens and images:

Android Screen Shots
Desktop Screen Shots
IPhone Screen Shots

“I wanted a way to capture the whole spectrum of electronic music’s rich history,” concludes Tong, “and distil it into an expert recommendation service to guide people with their music choices – and this is the first time I’ve come across an app that can do just that.”

More information about Music Technology Ltd here


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