Francis Neve learns to levitate.

Pray, admire this iconic new shot of a levitating Francis Neve, just released to accompany the very big new radio version of album highlight 'I Won't Make You Better' (out July 4 on the wunderkind's own label). The image was taken by talented young photographer Hayley Graves, who Francis describes as "awesome, raw, unspoiled and instinctive". And we couldn't agree more.

As for the music, well, hang on to your lobes because this one's a belter. Powered by an infectious Bedouin blues-inspired guitar hook, ‘I Won’t Make You Better’ fuses subtle folk riffs, a tribal chant and Francis’ distinctive vocals to create his most soulful, bittersweet single to date. Already a firm live favourite – and closing track – the band have slowly been developing it since their first ever gig last September. Listen here.

“The hooks in this new version are so much stronger,” says Francis. “Since we began playing it live we’ve been adding some extra parts like the new piano melody, which really worked. We wanted it to feel raw and I hope we managed to capture that by re-recording it live with the band."

Watch Francis Neve perform the track on a recent BBC London Sunday Sessions:

Oh, and don't forget the band dip their toes into old-skool electro house with this remix too by Neve himself.


Say the critics:
“His lo-fi pop is perfectly pitched… Very nice” Clash
“An atmospheric, melancholic pop/folk fusion masterpiece” This Is Fake DIY
“Subtle, beautiful and original” Room Thirteen
“Love Francis” BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins

We say:

Producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Francis Neve releases his new single ‘I Won’t Make You Better’ on July 4 through his own label FRR Records, the third and final single taken from his acclaimed debut album, ‘The Second Time We First Met.’

‘The Second Time We First Met,’ a collection of emotive lo-fi pop, narrating the lifespan of a relationship, was released last year, winning over reels of acclaim from the likes of Clash, Stereoboard and This Is Fake DIY, whilst the single ‘Brian’s Drying Up’ received plays on BBC 6Music.

Francis and band have also been heralded for their enthralling live shows, including two spots at Gill Mill’s Best of Myspace nights and BBC6’s Chris Hawkin’s new band night at Catch.


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