Sam Obernik: she’s gorra lorra new material

She’s a bit of a long-term sweetheart round these parts and we’re pleased to say that performer, artist and all round house-head, the delectable Miss O, is back with the first of a clutch of big singles – ‘Come Undone’, released on May 23.

Co-written and recorded with Swedish prodigy John Dahlback and Australian electro blokey Tommy Trash (with remixes by Italian Stefano Noferini) it’s an internationally-produced peak-time party anthem with –perhaps appropriately for its lyrical content – a catchier-than-crabs synth riff. Listen here.

So – *blushes* – it’s about what, Ms Obernik?

“A science lesson in the art of body fusion HA HA HA!” she laughs. “Come on, it’s actually more or less about a guilt-free zipless-fuck. I mean the lyrics are: I don’t know bout you but when it’s one on one, easy as two by two, do and it shall be done…come on flip my little switch like electricity…”


Since her last Radio 1 A-listed Top 30 hit, the addictive Baditude in late 2009 (with Spoon & Harris) if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen the delectable Ms O on UK line-ups too much, the reason can be summed up in one simple word: Russia.

“I’ve been stuck out there!” she laughs. “It’s been such an education. I did a track called ‘Stereo Flo’ which Scott Mills and Tong were playing but never released here – but in Russia it was Top 20 for 35 weeks. We had huge radio support with around a million radio plays! It did really well in France as well so my world has been filled with solo shows. Then there was Good Vibes in Australia and shows in Brazil. But I do also want to try to focus on matters closer to home.”

And home she is – well, in between those Russian trips, of course – and Sam would like to take this opportunity to announce her plans for this year. Just a few releases to look for include collaborations with Lee Cabrera, Richard Dinsdale & Hook ‘n’ Sling (the sun-kissed ‘Edge of the Earth’ which is #1 on Beatport), Redroche (the wonderful Chemically Yours), Analogue People In A Digital World, EDX and Stretch and Vern – not to mention other works-in-progress and fingers in pies to be confirmed. Watch this space.

But don’t try to pigeonhole the lady O because she’ll only come back bolder and brighter. “By definition, you can’t,” she says with a smile. “I’m a bit of a magpie, but I want to be a bit more comprehensive about what I’m doing. I have so many projects in 2011 near completion that I really want people to hear them. So here I am.” And don’t mess: she means it.


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