Scarlette Fever: ‘an honour’ to be given blessing by John Barry

News just in: pop upstart Scarlette Fever, whose recent debut single recieved a B-listing on Radio 2, was one of the last artists given a blessing by John Barry. Two tracks on her forthcoming album ‘Medication Time’ feature his work.

Firstly, listen to the haunting ‘You Don’t Know My Name’, which features a sample from John Barry’s Midnight Cowboy soundtrack.

“I wrote it with Grant Black,” Scarlette says, “who’s Mr Barry’s godson. I knew we’d get on when we both had a good cry over Liza Minnelli and Shirley Bassey. Anyway, Mr Barry never gives permission for his stuff to be sampled, but we sent it to him. He took ages, but when he said yes it was one of the best days of my life. A true honour.”

In fact John Barry liked it so much that he allowed Scarlette Fever the use of ‘Give Me A Smile,’ an instrumental from his 1999 album, The Beyondness Of Things. Don Black (Grant’s esteemed lyricist father) wrote new lyrics and, voila, there it is, hidden away at 9:21 as the album’s secret track.

Medication Time is released on Starfisch Records on May 23rd.


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