New SugaSmak! single out April 18 2011

OMG. After a fair few rave notices for debut single ‘We Are’, whose 99p video received thousands of plays on youtube, we can reveal that SugaSmak! are back with the party-tastic ‘Krashed Out’, featuring rapper Bubbz, released on April 18 2011 on our sister label Better Get Records. Listen here

A little backstory with that?

One evening, at some awful party in East London, no doubt at an ungodly hour, and after more than one small sherry, MOBO-award nominated soul singer SugaJack (aka Nate James) and the almost-enigmatic Clyma (aka Matt Infadels) were introduced.

Initially, the signs weren’t good. He said ‘tomarto’; and he said ‘tom-ato’.
(But. But! Tennant & Lowe. Mclaren and Westwood. Pope & Harman. The best couples are worlds apart.)

And lo and behold Clyma and Sugajack had soon given birth to ‘We Are…’ a bouncing bassline-fuelled slice of choonage. Imagine, if you will, Crystal Waters sipping absinthe with PM Dawn (or perhaps Altern8); or, as Clyma quips: ‘Sly And the Family Stone jamming with Tensnake’.

SugaSmak! About as sweaty as a nun at a disco.


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