Scarlette Fever Spring 2011 album release

Released 2011 Starfisch Records

  • The debut album featuring the forthcoming hit Crash & Burn, currently B-listed on Radio 2
  • Scarlette is already tipped by Bliss, Sugar, Mizz and Female First as an artist to watch in 2011
  • Co-written by Scarlette Fever, Stuart Crichton, Metrophonic (James Morrison)
  • Mixed by Cenzo Townshend (Snow Patrol) and produced by Julian Emery

Hertfordshire-born pop chanteuse Scarlette Fever releases her debut album, ‘Medication Time,’ on 2011. Featuring the future smash ‘Crash & Burn’, also out Jan 16, ‘Medication Time’ is an inspiring mix of stand-out orchestral ballads, accessible guitar-led growers and classic pop, all brimming with anthemic chord changes and hooks.

Highlights? The haunting You Don’t Know My Name, which features a rare sample from John Barry’s Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. In fact John Barry liked it so much that he allowed Scarlette the use of (secret track) Give Me A Smile, an instrumental from his 1999 album, The Beyondness Of Things. Don Black wrote new lyrics and, voila, it’s the only recording on Medication Time that Scarlette wasn’t involved in the composition.

Elsewhere, there’s the Motown-esque clatter of Cheatin’ Man; the urgent What Would You Do, written in the wake of a friend’s death from breast cancer (“She was only 27 and she never achieved her ambition of seeing Las Vegas”); the Snow Patrol-esque, anthemic emotion of Crash And Burn; the deeply personal Elated and its similarly revelatory sibling Face The Facts, initially titled Scarlett Johansson, but not for the reasons you might think.

And why Scarlette Fever? “My real name’s Karen,’” she laughs. “And I’m passionate, so I was thinking of red. Being me, I had to be even more extreme and upgrade it to scarlet. And it’s ‘fever’ as in a fantastic rush of out of control joy and excitement. So here I am.”

Here she is indeed. Now 28, she really ought to have been a marine biologist, but after sailing through her biology, chemistry and mathematics ‘A’ levels, Scarlette was faced with a choice: to follow her obsession with sharks; or to join the, ahem, shark-free music industry.

You can guess what she chose. And, our collective thumbs firmly pressed on fast-forward, 2010 has flown by in a whir of roadshows, tour supports (Girls Aloud) and working through official Pride performances in London, Brighton, Leeds and Doncaster.   Oh, and let’s not forget the Blackpool illumination festivities where she (no doubt) giddily performed alongside Robbie Williams (who was there to turn on the lights).   And now clever old Scarlette is headlining her own London dates in preparation for a nationwide tour in December, and supporting Clare Grogan and Altered Images in the new year.

“What do I hope for 2011?” Scarlette lets out a perfectly-formed sigh.  “That’s a tough question….  According to the Mayan calendar the world is due to end in 2012 so 2011 needs to be pretty damn incredible. ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ baby.”


‘Crash & Burn’ the single will be released on 16th January on digital download.  Album ‘Medication Time’ will be releasec on

INFO: Stephen Emms, Steve Rose @ EMMS Publicity 020 7226 0990


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